Best Of Sydney 2018

Best Chinese Food – Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

This award-winning restaurant is next level Chinese cuisine – this is where other chefs go when they feel like Chinese food. They are renowned for the freshness of their seafood and the flavours they are able to extract and enhance. Crustaceans and shellfish reach a sublime level of culinary genius in the masterful hands of the Golden Century chefs.  The outstanding braised lobster with butter and garlic is a delicious example of the wonder that can be achieved with only minimal ingredients. It’s an extensive menu that includes familiar items – though a much better version – and is best experienced in a banquet setting where you’ll get to try a bit of everything.  This is at the high end of the price scale, but keep it in mind for special occasions or functions.


393-399 Sussex St, Sydney. 9212 3901.


By Erika Echternach