Best Of Sydney 2018

Best Asian Fusion – Gweilo

Bringing a hybrid of Hong Kong street food and western cuisine to a newly renovated space inside the Surry Hills landmark hotel, The Evening Star, Gweilo is like a bolt from outer space. The menu references classic Chinese ingredients but with an eclectic infusion of Anglo and European influences that is a plot twist just to read. For instance, there’s the Eggplant Parmi Bao appetiser: eggplant & parmesan katsu, Napoli sauce; and the Wagyu beef shin, carrot & Toohey’s New rendang main. Beef, pork and seafood make up the regular menu, and there’s an equally sized vegetarian selection that includes the rather intriguing Strange-flavour eggplant, labne & Sichuan. You’ll happily get Dragon’s Breath here – it’s one of their amazing fusion cocktails: Coriander Tequila, Mezcal, Amaretto, Palm Sugar and Applewood Smoke. The decor is sharp and modern, yet welcoming. “Gweilo” is Cantonese slang for “devil man” but you need fear no evil here – it’s all good.


360 Elizabeth St, Sydney. 0408 221 351.


By Rita Bratovich