Best Of Sydney 2018

Best Arts Festival – Sydney Fringe

Every September for the past nine years, Sydney Fringe Festival has presented an incredible program of diverse, boundary-pushing, eclectic art, bringing visual, music, performance and uncategorisable events to the masses. CEO, Kerri Glasscock runs a miraculously smooth, jam packed 30 day schedule of local and international acts across Sydney. The Fringe Festival is about making art accessible to everyone and allowing experimental and non-commercial creative ideas to flourish. Highlights for the upcoming 2018 festival includes street dance battles, a burlesque exhibition, a hit comedy duo from the UK, confronting drama, circus theatre, street art and so much. Join the long table dinner where you’ll enjoy extraordinary food with an amazing assortment of guests. Visit the festival hub where you can chill to live DJ mixes and drink craft beer while snacking on food truck fare. Pick up a program now – there’s a lot to get through.


By Rita Bratovich