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REVIEW: Dresden

Dorje Swallow. Photo: Jasmin Simmons

Dresden certainly isn’t what you may expect heading in.

Justin Fleming and Suzanne Miller are back together, celebrating their 10th anniversary by creating an authentic, innovative and fascinating play. 

When Wagner wrote Rienzi in 1838 he would have never expected someone being so inspired by his work that this person would cause one of the biggest catastrophes humanity has ever seen.

Juxtaposing Wagner and Hitler, who live half a century apart but who both act out passion, reminds us of the danger of passion without love and the power of love itself.

Historical, dangerous and funny figures were played authentically by an awesome cast including many amusing interactions as well as thoughtful conversations. Played with effective mimics and guests, underscored by spectacular music and applicable lighting effects, you could truly feel the emotions of those characters.

With it’s clear structure Dresden has  the audience intrigued and engaged throughout the entire performance.

“All the world’s a stage,” but with Dresden that stage is in the bAkehouse theatre!

Until Jun 30. Kings Cross Theatre, Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William St, Kings Cross. $25-$38+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Lili Sekkai