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The world premiere production of Peter Carey’s iconic novel Bliss comes to the Belvoir this June. Co-produced with Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre, Bliss follows Harry Joy, a ‘good bloke’ who dies on his front lawn and awakens to find that he is now in what must be Hell – though it is a hell of his own making.

In a hallucinatory and unpredictable rollercoaster from suburbia to the rainforest, Bliss is an exploration of capitalism with Harry being besieged onstage after coming back to ‘life’ by things and people from his life that now serve to torment him.

“I remember reading the book when I was in school and loving it as a kid,” says Toby Truslove, who plays Harry Joy. “The play is as faithful as you can be – you can’t do all the scenes but the style of direct storytelling that is theatre really works for Bliss.”

“There’s parts that are dialled up but it’s faithful to the spirit to the book.”

Carey’s classic Australian novel won the Miles Franklin Award in 1981 and was adapted into a film in 1986.

“The play’s very funny and comedic but there’s also some tremendously thought-provoking and moving sections,” says Truslove.

“It’s also a very satisfying play to perform because you feel like you’re right there with the audience. It’s fun to share this story.”

Until Jul 15. Belvoir St Theatre, 18 & 25 Belvoir St, Surry Hills. $37-$77+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Emily Shen.