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Andre Braun – Seagulls In The City

Andre Braun is showcasing Sydney like it has never been seen before.

His exhibition, Seagulls in the City, will display photographs of Sydney at bird’s eye level. From this unique viewpoint, Sydneysiders will be able to experience the city in a totally new way.

“The photographs at the exhibition are looking at the beauty of these unique creatures and the similar expression between them and us,” Braun said. “Through my artwork, I have emphasised how these unique, small birds can create so much life, animation and create a positive spirit in the middle of the city.”

Braun was inspired to photograph the city from this perspective when he first encountered these birds in Bondi in 2010.

“When you start to spend so much time around the seagulls, you realise that their expressions and behaviours are surprisingly so similar to ours,” Braun said. “I would say seagulls are engaging, captivating and curious, like humans! Each individual is quite unique and their personality can be very unpredictable.”

Out of his collection, Braun says two photos stand out. The first is a close up image of the bird looking down with Sydney Harbour in the background. He says the lighting brought a unique mood to the image, and the bird seemed reflective and contemplative.

The second photo is two birds mating. Braun says it was a beautiful experience to see birds flirting, dancing and getting closer.

Braun hopes people will leave the exhibition seeing the ubiquitous birds in a brighter light.

Apr 30-May 14. ARO Gallery, 51 William St, Darlinghurst. Info:

By Addie Morton