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The Dapto Chaser

The Dapto Chaser is an Australian dramatic comedy, written by playwright Mary Rachel Brown. The play follows the Sinclair family who raise greyhounds for a living, illustrating the strong relationship between men and animals.

At the core of the play, it examines the modern family struggles which many people may face. Specifically, the show touches on a gambling addiction for the Sinclair family, so when things don’t unfold how they expected, their relationships are put on the line. Director, Glynn Nicholas said:

“It’s to do with the family relationships – what love means within the paradigm of family and the strong relationship between the men and their animal within the play.”

Showing as part of Glen Street Theatre’s 2017 season, Nicholas wants the audiences to unwrap the important message of the play, while also being amused.

“I’d like audiences to be highly entertained and to laugh and to cry and to be moved…and to recognise that people within the industry are not all bad as it tends to be painted by the media… there are some good people in that industry.”

With a few twists and turns to keep the audience hooked, the unexpected narrative is one which will excite audiences.

“I think the playwright Mary Rachel Brown has done a great job… It’s a really worthwhile piece of theatre to come along and have a look at,” Nicholas concluded.

Until Sep 10. Glen Street Theatre, Corner Glen Street and Blackbutts Road, Belrose. Tickets and info:

By Jade Morellini