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Chamber Pot Opera

Magical, transformative and highly intimate, Chamber Pot Opera hails from a sell-out season of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Giving a strong and powerful voice to the stories of three women, this opera blends together well-known music from the likes of Puccini, Mozart and Bizet. The elaborate but cosy Ladies’ Powder Room of Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building will be transformed into an intimate sanctuary for women to express themselves.

“I have always been interested in exploring the role that women play in opera – which are so often limited to the ‘bitches, witches and breeches’ roles” said Clemence Williams, director and co-creator of the performance.

The intimate fusion of space and powerful music allows audience members to become transfixed into the complex stories of these women. An abusive relationship, the uncertainties of dating as well as career aspirations are each thematically explored.

In addition to exploring complex female characterisation, the opera experiments with traditional operatic spaces to heighten accessibility and inclusivity.

“It’s quite a specific location,” said Clemence, “each show is moulded to the space it is being performed in.”

As an audience member you will be immersed into the space as the performers utilise the decorative mirrors, the hand dryers and the toilet stalls to weave together a stunningly transformative and sensorial experience. These aspects create moments where the realities of the world including shared histories, traumas and fantasies are braided together within an atmosphere of magic and utopia.

For an intimate 45 minutes your world will become interwoven with theirs.

Until July 22, 7pm & 8:30pm daily (excluding Tue & Thu). The Ladies’ Powder Room, Level 2, Queen Victoria Building, George Street, Sydney. $35-$25. Tickets & Info: 

By Ellouise Bailey