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Art For Epilepsy 2017

'Thursday's Reflection', Sam Holt, 2017.

More than 170 prominent and up-and-coming artists from across Australia have joined forces to raise vital funds for people living with epilepsy, donating original artworks for Art for Epilepsy, an online auction conducted by Epilepsy Action Australia.

The only criteria given to participating artists is to somehow include the colour purple, leading to a collection of works as diverse as the artists themselves, covering mediums from fine art to abstract art.

Annandale based artist Sam Holt has created an original work especially for the auction, ‘Thursday’s Reflection’, managing to scrape together the time to work on the painting between organising two new exhibitions. Sam describes his abstract and volatile paintings as “landscapes of the head” or “snapshots of time and mood and place”.

Having a brother who lives with epilepsy, public awareness is important to Sam. With his brother’s condition growing more prominent with time, there’s a definite likelihood of unexpected seizures occurring while in public places, which leave him “depleted” and “unaware of what’s happened”.

“I think a lot of people wouldn’t know what to do in that situation or how to react or what was even happening,” said Sam. “It’s good if there’s people who are aware, who can support in that situation, because I think it will be strangers who will be most helpful in those situations.”

“Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact of this often debilitating condition, and to support people living with epilepsy to lead optimal lives,” explained Carol Ireland, CEO of Epilepsy Action.

Last year’s inaugural Art for Epilepsy auction featured over 60 artworks by 55 artists and raised over $20,000. With over 200 original artworks up for auction this year, the foundation hopes to smash their previous fundraising targets. (AM)

Online auction open until Mar 26, 9pm. Browse and bid at