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Tram Sheds transformed into an old world food hall

Tram Sheds get a makeover

The long anticipated renewal of the Tram Sheds as a food emporium is finally complete. For more than a half century the former repair depot just south of Jubilee Park on the Glebe Foreshore was derelict and neglected. Once home to a half dozen abandoned, graffiti covered trams, the Sheds have undergone a massive $34 million restoration.

The heritage listed building — dating back to 1904 — has been transformed into an open air marketplace complete with exposed brick work, smatterings of spray paint and the original, saw tooth roof overhead. The end result replicates the sort of grand European food hall you might visit in Budapest, Paris or Berlin.

At the heart of the Tram Sheds is a cornucopia of gourmet offerings. Each provedore was selected on the basis of their commitment to provide epicurean delights sourced from the highest quality, sustainable ingredients available.  The Tram Sheds showcases a range of fine dining establishments from every corner of the globe.

  • To kick start your round the world tour, drop into Sir Chapel, an old world English microbrewery for a new world concoction of tequila and oysters served up in a shot glass.
  • Sumptuous Latin American tapas are offered at Bodega 1904. Try the Escabeche: mouth-watering spring bay mussels marinated with celery, parsley and shallot.
  • Flour Eggs Water mixes these three signature ingredients to make home-made pasta. Try the eggplant and scamorza filled ‘plin’ with butter and sage.
  • Osaka Trading Company focuses on Japanese seafood. For an orgasmic delight have the grilled hokkaido scallop swimming in sweet soy butter with leek and chilli.
  • Fish and Co only serves sustainably sourced seafood. Check out the local beer battered fish with rosemary hand cut chips.
  • Mama’s Buoi delivers home cooked Vietnamese fair. If only your mother cooked up pulled duck pancakes with pineapple, pickled carrots, mixed herbs and honey.
  • Bekya transforms Egyptian street food into gourmet delicacies. For exotic comfort food try Koshari, the national dish of Egypt: a mix of lentils, rice and macaroni topped with spicy tomato salsa farnished with chickpeas and fried onions.
  • Belles Hot Chicken serves up Nashville inspired dishes. Their Spicy Chicken Sandwich with spiced chicken fillet and American cheese on a milk bun will have you whistling Dixie.
  • Butcher and the Farmer sources its ingredients from local farmers. Try the delectable hot smoked, Hay Valley Lamb ‘Ham with fresh bay sauce.
  • Last but not least, for desert have Messina’s Gelato. With forty freshly churned flavours to choose from, you can’t go wrong.


The Tram Sheds are located just off of the Crescent in Glebe midway between the new Harold Park residential complex and Jubilee Park.  For more information visit