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On Hold – A Musical

This exciting new local production is a short film, with a twist. There’s only six minutes of dialogue its 25-minute runtime. The rest is comprised of nine new and original musical numbers. But it needs your help to get off the ground.

A musical set in a call centre, On Hold stars seasoned musical theatre performer Madeleine Jones (LWC’s Avenue Q, ABC’s Devil’s Dust) as Gabby Stencil, a low-level employee at VisCORP, a call centre. Despite loathing her job, Gabby is kept afloat by her dream of one day working as a musical composer.

In the course of a day, Gabby’s most recent attempt at breaking into the musical theatre industry is rejected as she is simultaneously offered a promotion at VisCORP. Gabby works through the prevalent choice between freedom and security and discovers where her true happiness lies… by singing it out, of course.

It’s no secret that Gabby’s dilemma is close to the hearts of On Hold’s creators. With the support of the University of Technology, Jake Nielsen and Matthew Prendy (LCW’s Avenue Q, TML’s Fiddler on the Roof) have composed a show with ripping music and lyrics.

The boys are not shy about asking for help either, and On Hold needs some extra help to see that it completes production. They have just launched a fundraising campaign through Pozible and have already nearly reached their total funding goal of $5,000 – with just a little more help they’ll be over the line, and the nation will be on track to receiving a unique new musical theatre creation.

Join the team and support a fun and biting short film. A donation of just $30 will get you a download of the entire original soundtrack when the film is complete. (AM)

For more information, check out On Hold’s pozible page.