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Senior Moments

Russell Newman

Senior Moments is a comedy revue filled with numerous sketches depicting the lives of the elderly. Actor Russell Newman, who has been in the industry for 50 years, says growing older is all about realising society is moving along but somehow you’re not moving along with it.

“It’s a series of sketches linked together, I think everybody can enjoy it but I think it will be a great reflection of the older people who come and see it,” he said.

“There is a lot of music, we sing songs relating to a lot of different situations and we play different characters from the piece, but all coming from the same thing. [Senior Moments is a] very, very warm reflection of the things that happen to us in everyday life, particularly as you’re getting older.”

Newman says this production is very important because we need to address the older generation in our society, as they too are humans.

“I think it’s important to let this group in society know that they’re not neglected and they’re not alone,” he said.

“The funny side of life also belongs to them and to us. In entertainment [we] generally focus on the demographic, this particular production addresses that and goes ‘this is for you and for anyone that wants to take part’. We are not dividing society, we are acknowledging a certain part of the community.”

The performance is also starring Penny Cook, Lex Marinos, Benita Collings, John Derum, Russell Newman, Christian Barratt-Hill and Nicola Parry with Geoff Harvey on piano. Written and directed by Angus FitzSimons. Limited tickets available! (AMal)

May 26–29 (Thu 11am + 8pm, Fri 1pm + 8pm, Sat 2pm + 8pm, Sun 5pm). Glen Street Theatre, Cnr Glen Street and Blackbutts Road, Belrose. $59-$47. Tickets & info: