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Roadkill Confidential at KX Theatre

Roadkill Confidential_KX Theatre

Alison Bennett as Trevor. Image by Emily Elise.

Rounding out Sydney’s newly asserted ‘theatre district’ in the midst of Kings Cross, KX Theatre throws open its doors with debut production, Roadkill Confidential. Provocative theatre creators Lies, Lies and Propaganda present this black comedy along with the in-house bAKEHOUSE Theatre Co.

Trevor’s new artwork is about to be unveiled, and the bodies are piling up. A top government agent won’t rest until she takes him down… Like any good horror, Roadkill Confidential takes one of society’s greatest fears and puts it under the microscope, tackling the fear that surrounds art and artists.

“I think in Australian society we tend to be suspicious of anyone who is willing to express strongly held beliefs or values, and that makes artists suspicious,” said Michael Dean, who directs this play.

The production has been developed in a unique atmosphere, with the theatre being “slowly created around them” as the play was developed. Located on the second floor of the Kings Cross Hotel; Lies, Lies & Propaganda recognised the potential of the space immediately, and have sought to “show off the place” with their staging. “A theatre is a bit like a house…it doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles, it just has to have character,” elaborated Michael.

Dean was also eager to work with bAKEHOUSE Theatre: “I’m really excited for the people they’ll be getting in next year. They’re interested in young artists and emerging artists but also diverse artists, international stories… I think Sydney needs a venue that is pushing those kinds of things…”

Roadkill Confidential will certainly launch the new venue with a bang. “The way that Callaghan uses language is fascinating, it’s aggressive and fun, it demands a certain heightened physicality from the actors…” said Michael.

Michael encourages people attending to “bring one person who is deeply suspicious of theatre”. (AM)

Nov 11–28 (Wed-Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm). Kings Cross Theatre, Level 2, 244-248 William St, Potts Point. $20-$30. Tickets & info: liesliesandpropaganda.com