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National Lampoon’s Vacation gets a do-over in this sequel of sorts. Rusty Griswold, the original son in the National Lampoon’s films, is all grown up and looking to grow closer to his sons and inject a bit more excitement into his marriage. So what to do? Go on a family road trip of course! What ensues is predictable mayhem, awkwardness and a fair bit of puking.

Ed Helms (of Hangover fame) and Christina Applegate are Rusty and Debbie Griswold, and they play off each other well. The star of the film however is Chris Hemsworth as a tractor riding, bull herding TV weather man married to Rusty’s sister, who showcases his… um…’package’… in a hilarious sequence involving a TV remote.

With cameos from original franchise heavyweights Chevy Chase and Beverley D’Angelo, as well as several well-known American comedians, this is a funny, slapstick film that harks back to the legendary National Lampoon’s humour. (LS)

Star Rating: ***1/2