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Receivers & The Piano Thief

Receivers & The Piano Thief

On watching the double bill of Receivers and The Piano Thief, weird is the first word that comes to mind, in a good way that is.
Fans of science fiction will love this evening of small theatre and sympathize with the characters.

Receivers explores the world of Hedrick, an idealistic farmer. How hard do you think it would be for a graduate of an agriculture school to grow things? Not very? Well, you’d be wrong! Welcome to a new world: dark, crazy, psychotic and intensely comic.

In a joint production with Melbourne’s Feat in Space Theatre Co, Receivers plays alongside short play The Piano Thief. Both shows are here to woo and entertain. The writer behind both scripts, Gareth Ellis brilliantly uses the ideas of quantum physics and science in general to prove (or debunk) the existence of God.

Ellis immerses the audiences into a sublime journey of epic comic proportions and slight insanity. Do not miss the chance to explore the world of a common man (in this case an idealistic farmer) who encounters an array of interesting characters in his quest to make things grow.

Amanda Falson (Receivers) and Gareth Ellis (The Piano Thief) direct a brilliant cast including Mark Tregonning, Tom Milton, Mathew Young, Eva Torkkola, and Sophie Kelly; the pairing of these two plays is ‘bloody’ good! Now playing at The Old 505 Theatre, this is a collaborative theatre experience at its best.

Until Aug 23. Old 505 Theatre, 505/342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. Tickets & info: