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Best of Sydney 2015

Best Thai – Spice I Am


spice i am


Thai cuisine is one of those where authenticity and tradition is such an important part of making the meal good. Luckily, we live in a multicultural society where that is a possibility, and where we can enjoy the authentic cooking of people like Spice I Am head chef, Sujet Saenkham. Born in a remote village in Central Thailand, Saenkham would learn many of his reputed skills first-hand from his mother. Now, with five Spice I Am restaurants across the city – Spice I Am in Darlinghurst, Balmain and Surry Hills, as well as Surry Hills Eating House and House Thai (also in Surry Hills…you lucky inner city lot) – it’s as easy as ever to get your hands on some genuine and delicious Thai food. And if that’s too hard for you, Saenkham has also recently published his own cookbook for you to get Thai-ed up in. (SC) spiceiam.com


Image: Supplied