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An Hour With Kay

“I’m going on a mega holiday from me,” says Kay Armstrong, acclaimed solo dance and theatre practitioner. Her upcoming show An Hour with Kay is bursting with energy, joy, absurdist humour and social commentary while exploring the conceptual idea of absence.

Inspiration came to her through an off-hand comment made by someone who said they thought her solo work was ‘much better’ when she ‘wasn’t in it’. Instead of taking offence Kay was inspired, and decided to play and develop the idea into a show that includes stand-up, storytelling and interaction.

Performing at the Old 505 Theatre in Surry Hills, Armstrong has an inviting presence that creates comfort within her audience. Through her engagement with the audience she reacts to their unique and changing reception, allowing elements of the performance piece to change and adapt or even disappear. “You come into the room and we are in this together,” she explains. (JC)

June 30 – July 5. 8pm Tuesday – Saturday, 7pm Sunday. $12.60-$27. Bookings:  Information: or