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For the first time in New South Wales, the Anywhere Festival is taking up residence in Parramatta, with a range of performance and cultural events taking place anywhere but a theatre. The festivals philosophy of innovation and its fostering of living, interactive story telling match Lies, Lies and Propaganda’s commitment to bold and fearless performance-making as they bring their latest production to the festival, Zeroville.

Zeroville is a classic sci-fi/film-noir story about a city controlled by one single supercomputer, shamelessly appropriating a certain French New Wave film to create an immersive theatrical experience. Zeroville tackles genres seldom attempted in theatre, Director Michael Dean elaborates, “You walk out of a normal drama or comedy and you’re asking yourself questions like ‘Will she ever find love?’ or ‘Was that an accurate portrayal of Darlinghurst in 2015?’ But you walk out of a good sci-fi show asking ‘What does it mean to be human?’ We’re going to do a sci-fi/noir show in a way that can only be done as live performance.”


Friday 8th – Sunday 10th & Wednesday 13th – Saturday 16th May at 8:00pm, Glass Pavilion, Heritage Courtyard @ the Parramatta Justice Precinct, 160 Marsden St, All tickets $25, bookings available at, For more info: