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Stanley Donwood: The Panic Office

As the days grow progressively shorter and Sydney-Siders ease into another mild winter, hearts are warmed by the thought of another Vivid Festival fast approaching. As part of the Vivid and Semi-Permanent Festivals, Carriageworks is hosting Stanley Donwood’s interactive and retrospective exhibition, The Panic Office.

Donwood’s work is at times playfully irreverent, while other works evoke dark and visceral emotions. A range of his paintings, prints and drawings spanning the past 25 years will be on display. Fans of the 90’s Alternative Rock scene are invited to take an angst-ridden journey down memory lane; Stanley Donwood has worked with Radiohead since 1994, designing the group’s album covers and all associated artwork. The exhibition will display thousands of pieces of artwork from Radiohead albums, as well as original works, all bearing Donwood’s evocative and haunting imagery that has helped to create one of the world’s most distinctive brands.

Semi-Permanent ticket holders have exclusive access from Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 May, including the opening launch party on Thursday 21 May, at which Stanley Donwood will be in attendance.

Opens to public May 24  – 6 June 2015, The Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, FREE.