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Dine Out Harbourside to Help Children at Risk of Abuse and Neglect

Throughout 2013/14, Barnardos Australia directly helped 7,544 children and young people across NSW and the ACT who were at risk of abuse and neglect.  To help Barnardos continue its important work, Harbourside Shopping Centre is holding a Progressive Dinner Safari to raise funds that will go to supporting children who are victimised by abuse and neglect.

The Progressive Dinner Safari starts with pre-dinner drinks at Cohibar before moving on to the two-hatted Zaaffran, where Chef Vikrant Kapoor serves up Indian delights that are beautifully presented.  The evening then progresses on to Criniti’s for popular pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas paired with Mudgee wines, and finishes with dessert at Cyren.

Joining the Progressive Dinner Safari is Christina Batista and Renae Smith from MasterChef Australia.  “My two passions in life are cooking and helping children.  The Barnardos/Harbourside Shopping Centre progressive dinner is not only a chance for you to experience some of Sydney’s finest food by visiting such incredible restaurants, but also a chance to support children who need it most, said Renae Smith.  “By dining out and enjoying yourself, you are also supporting Barnardos so that they can continue to do the incredible work they do for children across Australia/Sydney.  I urge everyone to get involved!”

Barnardos Australia is a child protection organisation that builds relationships between children, young people, their families and the community.  “The funds raised from this event will allow us to continue our vital programs to stop child abuse and neglect by supporting families in crisis and finding safe homes for children through our foster care and adoption programs,” said Barnardos’ Director of Marketing and Fundraising, Manish Amin.

The Progressive Dinner Safari is in conjunction with Pyrmont Food Festival and will take place on 21 May with two seatings, the first to start at 6.30pm and the second sitting to start at 7.30pm.  Tickets are $100 and can be purchased online at The Sydney Connection (  For more information, call Maree Sheehan on 0435 050 367.

Lawrence Gibbons, President of the Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce said, “We are happy that Pyrmont Food Festival, Harbourside Shopping Centre and its retailers are involved in helping to raise much needed funds for organisations like Banardos to continue its good work ”