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Best of Sydney 2014

Best Seafood – Cyren Bar Grill Seafood

Best Seafood

The mermaids have it pretty sweet; they just swim around all day, scantily clad in those fabulous seashell bras, chowing down on the freshest seafood while we humans can only dream of leading such a fantastical lifestyle. Swimming all day and wearing shells instead of underwear remains a far-off dream, but munching on fresh seafood is possible, especially at Cryen Bar Grill. Nick Manettas (of Nick’s fame) has replicated the ‘70s restaurant at Harbourside so diners can experience unbelievable views of Sydney Harbour while indulging in culinary brilliance. To top off the experience, there are a plethora of exciting and tropical cocktails, and let’s face it, it must be pretty damn hard for a mermaid to drink a cocktail under water. We win.


On the Waterfront, Harbourside, 2000, 1300 989 989, www.cyrenrestaurant.com.au


Written by: Alexandra English