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Best of Sydney 2014

Best Graffiti – Anthony Lister on Parramatta Rd

Best Graffiti

Lister’s Parramatta Rd mural has been up since 2009, but is yet to be outdone. If you come across this painting when you’re not actually looking for it, it’ll strike you as completely out of place. What is it doing above that store? How did it get there? Did he paint it in the dead of night? Do they know it’s there? These are the things that will go through your mind, but we recommend forgetting them all and just appreciating the sheer brilliance of the piece, and the ridiculous size of it, and the fact that nothing else compares to it.


Anthony Lister Billboard, 277 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt, 2040, www.anthonylister.com


Written by: Alexandra English