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Best of Sydney 2014

Best Community Food Collective – Cookies + Milk

Best Community Food Collective

It started out as a simple equation: cookies + milk = niche café. Within a year or two the equation became more elaborate: cookies + milk + cold pressed juice vendor + jam maker + pie maker + gardener + mysterious waffle man = community kitchen collective for artisan makers and bakers. Libby Marriner is responsible for the melt-in-your-mouth cookies and tasty coffee, while the Jam Bandits make sweet spreads, Bluepress Juice make fresh and bottled healthy drinks, Miss Lilly’s Kitchen pump out the sweet and savoury pies, and Mr Waffle moves around silently doing – no one really knows what. It all adds up to a sweet-smelling café with quirky vintage furniture and a this-feels-like-home vibe.


531 King Street Newtown, 2042, (02) 9516 4381, www.polka.com.au


Written by: Alexandra English