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Best of Sydney 2014

Best Basement Bar – Baxters Inn

Best Basement Bar

Imagine a speakeasy with over 300 types of whiskey covering the walls behind the bar, where moustachioed bartenders serve you drinks and there is an abundance of free pretzels. This wellhidden, intriguing basement bar in the heart of Sydney provides patrons with wonderful service and even better drinks. It can be tricky to find this bar, but once you go down the flight of stairs and enter a dimly lit, mahogany filled room with chilled music to set the scene, you won’t want to leave. The Baxter Inn is a great place for a date, some cheeky drinks with your mates or some loose after-work bevies.


Basement, 152-156, Clarence Street, Sydney, 2000, www.thebaxterinn.com


Written by: Ciaran Tobin