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In the late nineties a Danish-Norwegian eurodance group burst onto the Australian music scene with their infectious single Barbie Girl. Years of catchy bubblegum-pop followed with songs such as Doctor Jones and Lollipop (Candyman). Lene Nystrøm, René Dif, Søren Rasted and Claus Noreen, collectively known as Aqua, released their first album titled Aquarium, and the world was hooked.

When the group decided to call it a day after the release of their second album, Aquarius, speculation was rife about personal differences and love triangles within the band.

After a seven-year hiatus it was Nystrøm’s idea to get the band back together, and she says it didn’t take much convincing but she still went about it strategically. “In 2008 I was actually watching [the 20th anniversary] for a tour here in Copenhagen and we were on that show, way back in time, and I saw ourselves onstage and thought, ‘oh my god I miss that!’. So I brought the band back together,” says Nystrøm. “I started with Renè because I kind of knew he would be in the moment I asked, and then I went to Claus because I knew if Claus was in then Søren would do it as well.”

Despite the previous ups and downs, Nystrøm says that growing up and having other anchors such as family – Nystrøm is married to bandmate Søren Rasted – has made them see each other differently. “We just accept each other as we are [now] and we give each other space,” she explains. “We are back together thinking that we are the best of friends and through music we have a friendship that nobody can touch.” (LL)

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