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Best furniture in the Inner West

Furniture shopping can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you’re looking for something more than a flat-packed piece from Sweden with a name you can’t even pronounce. If it’s a unique piece of furniture you’re after, it’s Parramatta Road you want. Between Stanmore and Annandale there are a number of locally owned stores where furniture is custom made in local Sydney warehouses, and others with beautiful imported international pieces at reasonable prices. The owners of these stores understand that finding furniture to suit inner city living is nigh impossible, and are on hand to offer advice on storage solutions, feng shui, and most importantly, style.

Naturally Timber has been in operation for almost 30 years and has seen its fair share of fashion fads come and go. From the classic wraparound sofa of the ‘80s to the minimalist Bauhaus revival designer chairs of today, Naturally Timber has seen it all. The business was established in 1985 by Helen and and Eddie Harb and is now managed by their daughter Emelia Harb. With two stores in Auburn and Stanmore and an exclusive factory, Naturally Timber provide a range of furniture options for anyone looking for something unique and decorative. The company specialises in localy made, custom hardwood furniture that is made in their factory for domestic buyers and interior designers. The range includes dining tables, boardroom tables, desk and bookcases, TV units, bedroom furniture, and sofas, all made from the highest quality timber. Anyone after a specific piece of furniture can have it to made to order, or can peruse the beautiful, designer pieces that have been imported from across the globe. As everyone knows, a table is only as good as the centrepiece, which is why Naturally Timber also offer a selection of unique mirrors, stunning mosaic artwork, hand painted lamps and shades, hand blown glassware from brands such as Murano, Krosno and Bohemia.

66-72 Parramatta Road Stanmore (02) 9565 2136,

Nu Furniture lives up to its name: all the furniture here is sleek, modern, bold minimalistic, and best of all, new. Nu Furniture is a custom furniture importer that sells direct to the public. They understand that your house and its interiors should be a reflection of yourself, and so offer an extensive range of furniture to suite all tastes, aesthetics and interests. Customers and designers can swing by to view a carefully picked selection of chairs, tables, beds, sofas, and everything in between. The focus here is on space-saving furniture that is ideal for apartment living, but the pieces are just as easyily adaptated to commercial and residential properties. People from all walks of life will fall in love with inanimate objects here, especially with the store’s range of art deco furniture – perfect for those time warp apartments that are part 2000s, part 1940s, all character and all class. Nu Furniture believe that no room is complete without decorative flourishes, which is why they specialise in art glass, and have a range of decorator sculptures and international art reproduction photography for the picking. Proving that they are newer than nu, the store has a mobile-friendly site that displays the latest pieces, perfect for simultaneously selecting your next piece and measuring a room in arm lengths.

50 Paramatta Road, Stanmore, (02) 8095 8463,

Annandale Interiors boast one of the finest furniture and homewares collections in Sydney, where customers can walk out with a piece that reflects their indivduality and unique living space. They stock a carefully selected range of leather, timber and fabric pieces, so you should probably throw out all your existing furniture; each trip is guaranteed to be a shopping spree. All customers will be able to find a piece that suits their lifestyle and colour palette, with a variety of leather lounge suites and chairs, and custom-made the timber pieces like cabinets, bookcases and desks. The store’s custom design service utilises fine international cabinet making skills to cater for any preference and to add a homely feel to new houses and apartments. The showroom is an excellent space to see the furniture in action so you can visualise how the pieces will work within your own space, and most likely spot something you never knew you always wanted. The team at Annandale Interiors can offer advice, care instructions and help out with delivery so you can have your new favourite piece of furniture in your house as soon as possible.

40 Parramatta Road, Annandale, (02) 9550 2736,

From humble beginnings as a small joiners workshop for the local kitchen industry, SydneySide Furniture has grown into one of Sydney’s prime entertainment and home media furniture experts. Over 25 years the company has developed a reputation as the place to go for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service, making the furniture shopping experience one that is enjoyable and satisfying. The manufacturing base is situated in Marrickville where a highly skilled team of trades people, cabinet makers, and spray painters reside and produce custom made joinery for commercial and residental buyers. As far as showrooms go, SydneySide has five retail stores who supply furniture to Sydney and surrounding areas. Those looking to up the ante in their homes can peruse the company’s furniture range online before heading to the store to see an extensive range of entertainment units, coffee tables, sofas, bookcases, and storage solutions. Potential buyers can also explore design options that are especially convenient for inner city apartment living with the option to modify designs to suit your entertainment system requirements. SydneySide are with you through your whole furniture journey – from developing, producing and delivering your dream pieces at competitive prices, all the while supporting our local industry and economy.

22-28 Parramatta Road, Stanmore, (02) 9557 8713,


By Alexandra English