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Photo: Stephen Reinhardt

Heaven Help Us! is many things. The new play written and directed by Keith Bosler is at once a comedy and a love story. It is also a story of redemption and temptations, good and evil, where God and the Devil battle it out for the future of mankind. Above all though, Bosler says it is about fun.

“It’s entirely about the audience. It’s about giving them a fun night out, a good night’s entertainment,” he says.

The play centres on a materialistic lawyer named Luke Allcock (Tai Scrivener), who’s life begins to unravel when he finds himself the subject of a bet between God and the Devil.

“The thought popped into my head one day. What would it be like if God had gone on holidays for the last 2000 years?” Bosler says.

Luke is tempted by the Devil and his sexy demon, while falling in love with an angel named Michaela (Orlena Steele-Prior) who happens to be the Archangel Michael after a sex change.

The show has a solid cast of local actors including Lyn Pierse, veteran of Theatresports and improvisation.

“The roles were mostly written for the fabulous cast we have assembled, long before they even knew about it,” Bosler says.

Mar 12-29, Bordello Theatre, Level 4, Kings Cross Hotel, Kings Cross, heavenhelpus.com.au