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Wheels turn again on cycleway

Bike riders, including mayor Jo Haylen, on the cycleway. Photo: Marrickville Council

Local residents and cyclists are applauding Marrickville Council’s decision to construct the missing link in the Camperdown to Cooks River cycleway.

At the last council meeting a rescission motion made by several councillors to halt the construction of the Carrington Rd separated cycleway was overturned.

Greens councillor David Leary said the vote against the rescission motion restored council’s original decision to construct the Carrington Rd cycleway made in December.

“The argument was the businesses in the area were concerned about the loss of parking but I didn’t receive a single email from the businesses” Mr Leary said.

“But I received over a hundred emails from residents and cyclists in the area saying they really wanted it to be built.”

John Caley President of Bike Marrickville, said the Carrington Road cycleway provides a safe and crucial link between Camperdown and Cooks River that also provides linkage to Marrickville Station.

“For most of it there’s actually a proper kerb separating the cycleway from the road,” he said.

“It gives people who aren’t confident road cyclists…access to Cooks River cycleway and beyond.”

Greens councillor Sylvie Ellsmore said the decision was a win for local bike activist groups and welcomed the support of Labor councillors.

“Labor councillors said we originally opposed this project but we’ve learnt overtime that bikes are the way of the future,” Ms Ellsmore said.

“We were lobbied by at least six bicycle groups that specifically operate in our area. They’ve been pushing for this for five years.”

Independent councillor Victor Macri said he moved the rescission motion, along with two other councillors, because eighteen parking spots used by local businesses will be lost.

“The situation was there to be taken where we paint some lines on the road which would give cyclists a presence and connect the route,” Mr Macri said.

But Mr Caley said evidence proves that lines on the road between parked cars and traffic are not the safer option.

“Someone opens a door and then the cyclist hits the door and they bounce out into the traffic,” he told City Hub.

“It’s normally the next vehicle that comes along that kills them.”