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As one of the loneliest instruments in the music world, the viola is rarely given time to shine its mellow sound. However as we get to the business end of the year, the Balmain Sinfonia will be shining a light on professional violist Charlotte Fetherston and violinist Alastair Duff-Forbes as the talented soloists for their final concert of 2013.

It’s been a road of rehearsals for these two budding musicians, which, as Fetherston explains, started with a little bit of friendly competition.

“Alistair and I have a funny relationship,” Charlotte says.

“At the beginning we had quite different ideas orchestrally and we were, not aggressive, but we would not agree with each other and would have arguments in front of people!”

Though as audiences will see from this performance, their love of music solidified them allowing this night of classics to eventuate. In particular, Fetherston is most looking forward to Mozart coming to life in the Macquarie Theatre.

“Performance is quite an inspiring thing, because you can admire a work but performance allows you to appreciate works on a different level,” muses Fetherston.

“The composer’s biography and knowing how important they are in the genre is quite an inspiring thing too.” (CD)

Dec 8, Macquarie Theatre, Macquarie University, North Ryde, $20,