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Academy Award nominated director Robert Stone is coming to Sydney to present special screenings of his new documentary feature Pandora’s Promise.

Stone makes a compelling argument for the use of nuclear energy by focusing on the experiences of five prominent environmentalists who converted from anti-nuclear stances to become nuclear advocates.

“It chronicles their transformation on this issue, why they were anti-nuclear, what they despised about it, what’s led them to change their minds and why they now embrace it,” says Stone.

Pandora’s Promise debunks the myths surrounding nuclear energy by exploring the fear created by nuclear weaponry and investigating disasters scenes such as Fukushima and Chernobyl.

On visiting the disaster sites, Stone says, “to go and see these two instances where this technology has gone completely awry actually made me question my own beliefs.”

Pandora’s Promise has been criticised for lacking balance in its narrative.

Stone responds to these criticisms by saying, “I don’t actually think that’s true. I mean the first third of the film actually lays out the case against nuclear power.” (PG)

Oct 12 & 13, Hoyts, The Entertainment Qtr, Lang Rd, Moore Park, $29-49 + bf,