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It’s no easy task getting your name out there when you’re an emerging artist, from the cost of galleries to the constant constructive criticism you’ll no doubt receive along the way. Refreshing then, to know that things just might become a little easier with [yellow tail] Presents Creatives Uncovered – a four day creative extravaganza featuring a mash up of art, design, photography, installation, sculptures, design, accessories, music and fashion.

“I’m just trying to push my art to as many places as I can, so fortunately I found this,” explains artist Karolina Venter, who will have some of her work on show at the M2 Gallery.

“I wanted to create something modern, something appropriate to our time where you can’t push it enough to how important it is to recycle our waste and just think about our future a little bit.”

Ventor’s work has something to say to any subconscious, “I do some quite erotic stuff, most of it is quite out there because there is a lot to discuss and I guess that I just want to make people feel something, not necessarily about my art but about themselves, about their life.” (AH)

Jul 17-21, M2 Gallery, 4/450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, free