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Fancy a trip down the streets of Barcelona? Well then look no further than the Urban Gypsies Quartet’s upcoming show at the Seymour Centre.

“You can look forward to hearing a variety of musical backgrounds,” says band leader Gavin Libotte. “Nylon string guitar and cello improvisations married with the percussive flavour of Spain, Brazil, Europe and the Middle East.”

The band will be showcasing new compositions from their much-anticipated fourth album Samsara, as well as pieces from their previous releases. The word itself is defined in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism as a cycle of birth, death and rebirth and that’s exactly what the Urban Gypsies Quartet are hoping to achieve.

“Ideas and a sense of wonder about the life we are part [of] can be evoked through music. A truly universal art form that knows no language barrier.”

Why not sit back with a glass of red and let the gentle thump of live instrumentals take you away to an exotic haven. (SP)

Jun 21, Seymour Centre Sound Lounge, City Rd & Cleveland St, Chippendale, $15-25,