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In Possible Worlds, the new exhibition at the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, brings together three diverse artists looking at common themes of identity and ordinary life.
Elly Kent’s canvases dominate the ground floor. Kent uses everyday objects, such as found window frames, to create looming three dimensional shapes of bold colours. The pieces reach from the walls to grasp the viewer’s attention and combine traditional batik processes and stark geometrical forms.
Claudia Nicholson’s multimedia work takes household situations and twists them into awkward pauses and pregnant silences. In one installation the simple act of eating transforms into a series of moments of unspoken emotions backed by the sound of tinkling cutlery.
Tianli Zu’s work, White Shadows, uses hand-cut acetate film to provide animated projections which create a sense of unease and dislocation and questions the nature of light and darkness.
In Possible Worlds is an intriguing exhibition of contemporary Australian artists which provides a unique and sensory experience. (LR)

Until Jun 8, 4A Centre For Contemporary Asian Art, 181—187 Hay Street, Sydney, free, 02 9212 0380, 4a.com.au