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Australian patriotism can get pretty ugly. In her new show, innovative director Augusta Supple manages to celebrate the talents and cultural diversity of our country with creativity and style.

Supple has brought together a diverse group of playwrights from various ages and backgrounds to capture a journey that is familiar to many Sydneysiders – the train trip to and from Sydney’s geographical centre, Parramatta.

“I took them on a train between Central and Parramatta as a group and said, ‘Whatever you offer me I will stage so make sure you give me material you really believe in,’” she explains.

“I’m hoping what people are inspired by is that we are all watching each other and the dull-faced, silent commuter has a really rich internal world full of yearning, love, hope, inspiration and fantasy. Hopefully this will be a great conversation piece.”

The playwrights including Donna Abela, Vanessa Bates, Jessica Bellamy, John AD Fraser, Noelle Janaczewska, Nick Parsons, Teik-Kim Pok, Emrys Quin and Alison Rooke range from AWGIE award-winning theatre veterans to radio writers, film writers and performance artists. The final product is a 60-minute show incorporating monologues, songs, movement pieces and poems.

“We have so many amazing playwrights that offer so much to our theatrical and artistic life. To me we are spoilt for choice,” she continues. Now there’s  a reason to chant: Aussie Aussie Aussie.

Oct 18-27, Riverside Theatre, cnr Church & Market Sts, Parramatta, $23-27, 8839 3399, riversideparramatta.com.au