Best of Sydney


A word from the Editor & Deputy Editor…

In this age of apps and iPads, the pleasure of pouring over inky pages and fiercely circling some unexpected titbit has almost been lost to us. Almost. Welcome to this year’s AMG ‘Best of Sydney’ edition  – our humbly tactile, hold-able and foldable guide to all that is good and great in the harbour city.

This explorer’s companion will send you everywhere from the Royal National Park south of the city to the Northern Beaches, and many places in between. When you want an escape from the big smoke, we have even helpfully included some suggestions for that too.  These pages cover everything from where to source the city’s best thickshakes to where to take the best dance classes to where to get yourself pierced, tattooed or shaved.

We would like to thank the numerous Sydney folk who voted and wrote in, letting us know of those well-kept secrets; the bars, cafes and hang-out spots that help make Sydney what it is – a diverse town with something for everyone. You just need to know where to look.

For those of you who prefer their news served digitally, an extended list of ‘Best ofs’ can be found here online: 


Alexandra & Jerico.