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Best Beach Destination


Nestled inside Sydney’s Royal National Park, this pristine cove takes its name from an Aboriginal phrase meaning “place near running water”. The secluded beach consists of a lagoon on one side, surrounded by gorgeous cliff faces and waterfalls, and a crystal clear coastline on the other, with each side separated by a sandbar. The popular picnic hangout is best avoided on weekends and public holidays, especially if you don’t like sharing calm waters with a bevy of toddlers. Public toilets, barbeque areas and a kiosk are all at your disposal, but car parks are scare. Although cliff jumping is commonly enjoyed at Wattamolla, the untrustworthy depths of the lagoon mean it’s best avoided.*

*Not to be taken as a dare. (Jerico Mandybur)

End of Wattamolla Rd, off Sir Bertram Stevens Drive, Sydney