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If being terrified of sharks is irrational, going diving with sharks might just be insane. But that’s exactly what’s on offer at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary (formerly called Ocean World), where about $155 can get you up close with one, or a few, of your greatest fears. Don’t hyperventilate just yet; the sharks in question are Grey Nurse Sharks that are fish eating and entirely safe, despite their menacing three-metre form. While friends or family wave to you through the viewing tunnel, you can calm your nerves by admiring the friendlier-looking creatures who pass you by, including giant stingrays (just don’t chuck a Steve Irwin), sea turtles and hundreds of other smaller fish, sharks and rays. A perfect way to get over your phobia; or exacerbate it if you so desire… (Jerico Mandybur)

Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, West Esplanade, Manly.