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Game Review by Abhi Sharma

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a role playing open word game developed by Bethesda Game which has also
made Oblivion and the Fallout series. It is the fifth game in The Elder Scrolls series.

The game is open world and is about the same size as Oblivion. It has changed the way you develop skills by granting the player perks at each level and they can be used to improve the skills you have by granting additional abilities based on your skill level. This also stops players from getting very powerful at early stages. There is also a major focus on blacksmithing as durability has been removed from the game and instead is used to create and improve weapons.

Enchanting and alchemy have also been changed so now you have to disenchant an item to learn the enchantment destroying the item in the process. Alchemy now has a list of potions that can only be made
and you need to eat the ingredient to learn its properties.

The game also includes dragons that are randomly generated and are normally hostile towards anything including towns and cities.

The game was released for all platforms on November 11 2011 for Australia and the first Skyrim DLC (downloadable content) Dawnguard will be launched in northern summer 2012 for the Xbox and will be released on other platforms a few months later.