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There’s good cheese and then there’s bad cheese. This movie would be a smooth camembert. Nothing surprising but not at all a stinker from the forgotten section of the fridge. The plot in a line – a female financial executive juggles with being a mother and being really good at her job where she’s under the scrutiny of a male dominated work sector. Based on Welsh author Allison Pearson’s novel, this is a Hollywoodised version of a much wittier take on the modern woman and her struggles. I remember a senior partner in a company I worked at. The only time I saw her shed a surreptitious tear was when she got a phone call from her babysitter who’d just quit. I think this film will ring true to a portion of working women albeit it’s usual Hollywood ditzy female gags, (tripping on super expensive high heels, giving hugs after a meeting because she’s a woman, hello?) which never go away no matter how educated she’s meant to be. The best part of this movie, however, is supporting actress Momo (Olivia Munn), the assistant who delivers some of the best one-liners. Oh and the lead actress is Sarah Jessica Parker. What? I wanted you to read the full review. (KS) ***