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There are a few television shows I am guilty watching reruns of. Friends, Sex and the City and Who’s Line is it Anyway. Greg, Colin, Ryan and Wayne playing with props, singing the hoedown and making Drew Carey the butt of every joke. Ahh … those were the days. Greg Proops, a stand-up comedian in his own right, talks to us about his days at the show and his other job as the voice of Bob the Builder in a quickfire interview.

Is this your first time in Australia? No, I was there in 1997 and did Melbourne and Sydney. I am so looking forward to the fabulous Thai, Italian, Greek and Indonesian food. I love travel and Australia has groovy people and strange animals.

What can Aussie audience expect from your show here? Tears and bitterness. That is backstage, then I do my show. I am sarcastic and snide as well as lovable and cuddly. Spanking machines and pony rides cost extra.

Who is funnier, Ryan Stiles or Colin Mochirie? Why? Ryan is the funniest improviser in the world. Is Colin the older fellow?

What were your days at Whose Line is it Anyway like? I was on for 14 years so, brief. I loved it. We shot in the UK and Hollywood and the casts are still all my good friends. It changed my life.

What do you and Bob the Builder have in common? We are both animated.

What would you be if you weren’t a comedian? Petty criminal or baseball historian.

Do you prefer stand-up or improvisational comedy? Improv is a group activity. You must give yourself to the will of the mob. Stand-up is my personal revenge on comedy.

What was your worst job? I worked as a schmendrick in a law office. Law can really bring you down.

What did you believe in when you were 18, you wish you still believed in today? Sadly, I believe the same things. That the world would be better if rich white guys didn’t run everything.

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