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Smart ARTS launches in flying colours

The opening night of the Smart ARTS art exhibition showcased the colourful dreams of young Sydney artists last Friday.

The exhibition was held at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre and featured live performances by Sydney Youth Orchestra and surreal projections from award-winning film makers Punk Monk Propaganda.

Outside the complex dream catchers hung from tree branches and rainbows of liquid light were projected onto the ground and walls of the art centre courtesy of Punk Monk Propaganda.

Projection artist Victoria Waghorn, of Punk Monk Propaganda, said; “I wanted young people to realise the possibility of achieving their dreams.”

Young people of all ages interacted in Waghorn’s work, dancing in the fluid light and experimenting with various colours and mediums on the overhead projectors.

The audience seemed rapt by the displays, unable to wipe the smiles off their faces as they watched the spectacular displays of crystal coloured light, ink and photography.

One audience member told City News; “These young artists are displaying images of hope and passion, it is nice to see works that are not so focused on the many issues in today’s society.”

Digital photography, vibrant abstract paintings and mixed media installations were also featured in the exhibition, which will close on April 15.

The showcase was just the start of the Smart ARTS festival which is set to offer many events over the coming week.

Another highlight was the Secret Street Art Tour which took place on April 3. The tour saw local artist Chris Tamm introduce young people to the marvellous world of street art.

Mr Tamm told City News ahead of the tour he was excited to showcase his artwork and that he believed people would have a great experience.

“The works I am going to explore on the tour are truly magnificent and they have been painted by ordinary people,” Tamm said. “I want the young people on the tour to see that ordinary people can be great artists.”

Smart ARTS is being held in conjunction with City of Sydney’s Youth Week. The event is designed to display the creative talents of young Sydney artists aged 16-25.

By Holly de Boer