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Many of you would best know English comedian Nina Conti for her foul-mouthed, ill-mannered sidekick, Monkey. It may surprise you to learn however, that if it wasn’t for a Mr Ken Campbell and his mischievous gift of a Teach Yourself Ventriloquism kit, and a dummy, than Conti may never have actually given ventriloquism any thought.

Luckily for the comedy world, Conti has embraced the art, and is now winning fan’s affections all over the world. Her latest stop is Sydney, with her brand-spanking new show Talk to the Hand, hitting the Opera House this month. “It’s about me thinking on my feet,” says Conti. About, “Discovering new grubby parts of myself.”

It’s a brave goal, especially in light of the new arrival of Conti’s very own child. But motherhood won’t slow this comedian down, who is ready to make use of the new material. “I have the resisted the urge to get my hand into my child. But my sleepless nights are bound to work their way into a sketch somehow!”

Apr 18-May 1, Sydney Opera House, from $25, 9250 7777, sydneyoperahouse.com