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Amphibious means “to belong on land or water, or to have a twofold nature”. Sydney-band Amphibious has more than a twofold nature and while their music genre may be blurred there are strong elements of jazz and classical with a little bit of rock and pop mixed in for good measure. Amphibious has created a rich landscape of sounds, featuring cello; tenor sax; bass clarinet; guitar; and drums, and the quartet consists of talented musicians who know how to improvise. Their influences have ranged from Bach to Miles Davis to Sigur Ros to Radiohead and in 2009 they released their EP First Breath, and in 2010 aLive & Breathing followed. This is an album that has a little bit for everyone and it has been well received by both jazz and classical connoisseurs. aLive & Breathing should not be played in the background. It deserves your full attention with each moment being savoured.