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In the mood for comedy? There’s nothing like Chekhov’s classics to quench the appetite. Served, in the intimate venue of Newtown Theatre, From Chekhov With Love, a series of three short slapstick plays drums home the 1920s view of relations between men and the fairer sex. While not always politically correct, Chekhov takes you on a light-hearted journey of the heart. This simple yet well-done production has particularly strong performances from Lynden Jones, Gavin Williams, Kate Buchanan and Melissa Armstrong. While Chekhov probably never intended for his plays to be performed in broad Australian accents, the result is a surprising success. Directed by Gavin Williams, this play will delight an audience of young and old. It’s theatre at it’s most accessible. While the production values may be a little lacking, and the set uninspiringly simple, the stunning performances make this a must-see. This is what low-budget theatre should be.

Until Sept 4, Newtown Theatre, King Street, Newtown, $14-28, 9519 5081,