Best of Sydney


Like an old man who walks into a supermarket, I have a precise Intra Thai routine. My appetiser is number 6. Khao Tang Intra is a minced prawn and chicken dip cooked in coconut cream and chilli paste with prawn crackers. My main is usually a toss up between the Roast Duck Curry or the Curry Powder Soft Shell Crab. I know the former is number 33 without looking at the menu and I also know that the boneless duck, lychee and pineapple combination is the bomb even though I’m not a big fan of mixing sweet ingredients in my savoury food. The latter is a chef’s recommendation and the I know that I am right to lie about how mediocre the soft shell crab deep fried in light curry powder batter is, so that I won’t have to share the crunchy goodness with anybody else. Larry David would be proud. (Komi Sellathurai)

Intra Thai, 90 Curlewis Street, Bondi. 9130 3342