Best of Sydney


There is nothing better on a cold, wintery day than the traditional cuppa. But even better is shopping for new and exotic flavours of tea to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. T2, Australia’s biggest tea store provides a range of beautiful, fragrant and tantalising teas for any occasion. Visiting the store is an experience in itself with its dark lighting, mahogany furniture and scented candles. Those searching for their perfect tea soul mate can find it in T2’s collection of traditional green or black tea leaves. For something a little more exciting you can try herbal and fruit tisanes or red choc mint and honey vanilla. To match your personality with the tea for you, visit a T2 store or go on the website to take the compatibility test.  Clutching a warm take away cup of T2 as you trudge to uni or work? Brewing your own T2 leaves at home for you and your loved ones? Smelling that beautiful fragrance as it dispels itself from your very own T2 teapot range into your own T2 mug? What could be better? (Alex Vanny)