Best of Sydney


Love him or hate him, it’s undeniable Justin Hemmes has made his mark on the Sydney bar scene. And nowhere is his Merivale outfit’s audacious vision of hedonism in all its splendour more eye-popping than at his flagship club, The Ivy. A decadent playground set over four levels, it is sophisticated, undeniably glamourous and very, very sexy. The venue is a collection of eighteen distinct bars and restaurants to suit every mood. Whether you lock eyes with ‘Mr Right’ across the room in the Parisian chic of Ash St Cellar or lock lips with ‘Mr Right-Now’ in the infamous Pool Club, the Ivy offers a stylish backdrop to seduction.  And while nearby Merivale bar The Establishment was once cheekily nicknamed The Drycleaners (as you would go there to pick up a suit), the Ivy’s clientele is a more diverse mix of pleasure seekers, albeit carefully vetted on entry by the face police. It could be the start of something beautiful – or just a beautiful Friday night. (Danielle Bevins-Sundvall)

320/330 George St, Sydney. 9240 3000,