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Warning: This movie contains angels. And if you’re not a wine fan, best avoid it with the other heathens. Based loosely on the novel by Kiwi writer Elizabeth Knox, it follows one sandy-haired man and his satin sheet-clad angel in 1800s Bordeaux. What would’ve been an interesting and mildly believable tale of not only eking out an existence on the land but yielding poetry from it becomes an over-fermented piece of froth thanks to the angel. The winemaker (Sobran, played by Jeremie Renier) is a bit of a whinge, always relying on his dubious angel’s luck – the most likeable characters are the salt-of-the-earth wife (Keisha Castle-Hughes) and the whippet-strong Baroness (Vera Farmiga). Still, if you fancy a sweet and silly visual digestif after dinner, this could be your ticket. (AB)

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