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Walking through walls, using sparkly eyes technique to confuse your enemy and killing goats by simply starring at them are just some of the psychic weapons used by the U.S. Military’s New Earth Army. Sounds kooky? Well, it is a kooky kind of a movie except that it flaunts a dream cast (George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey) and is based on a true story recounted in a book of the same name by journalist Jon Ronson. Whilst there is no arguing that the film is hilarious, the repeated Jedi warrior jokes do start to falter. In hindsight, however, with the knowledge of the film’s back story (jokes were direct quotes from real soldiers) I would have readily gone with every ridiculous and bizarre antic. Suffice to say, I will never get bored of looking at Clooney but I am getting a little weary of him playing the same character (O Brother Where Art Thou, Leatherheads) over and over again. He is easily upstaged by a brilliantly cast Bridges who takes us from a hippie army commander to a withering old man in love with ice cream and LSD.  Special mention goes to Spacey, whom we meet at a spoon bending party in the film. He always pulls off the bad boy persona (Swimming with Sharks, American Beauty) with just the right amount of snide arrogance to win the audience over. (KS)