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Fans will know. It is time for the annual pilgrimage, the paying of respects, the bowing before the altar of true innovation and improvisation of the world’s finest musical trio. If it is good enough for Brian Eno, Nick Cave and Damien Lovelock then it is good enough for you and I. The Necks gather in this city roughly once a year, schedules permitting, to record and play their truly original piano, double bass and drums improvisation; defying description at every twist and turn, always improvised without preconceptions, their music explores extended pieces of improvised beauty that mesmerise and astound. Sounds ebb and flow, swell and recede, notes cascading, rhythms evolving. Before you know it two hours will have passed and you are unable to account for it. Their 2009 album Silverwater a testament that after two decades together they are still at the top of their game with no signs of ever slowing. Miss this at your own peril.

Feb 19, The Metro Theatre, 624 George St, $28,